10 Jan 2017

A LFWM Review: The Corinthian Way

On a wet and cold Winter’s Sunday, Milk for Tea Founder Daniel and Style Editor Jack, were enlightened after hearing the Corinthian story. With the first Season of the newly named LFWM coming to an end, and off the back of shows and presentations that don’t always move you in the way you hope they would, Corinthian was a breath of fresh air. The original Corinthian’s, an amateur Football Team were most famously known for their “live by the sword, die by the sword” commitment to Sportsmanship in the game. This would include purposely missing a penalty kick as they didn’t believe they were morally correct or taking a player off the field if an opposition’s player was injured to level up the teams. Alongside being Fair Play Guru’s, they beat the Arsenal professional team on a regular basis, also with famous victories against Blackburn Rovers and Manchester United. The underlying but most important message that came across from the guys at Corinthianwas the passion and stories shared from the players, but also the passion shared from the gents sitting in front of us.

Conceptually the alliance between the Corinthian story and the clothing line the guys have produced seemed effortless. Pieces from the collection took inspiration from the classic white of the Corinthian playing uniform; one which was in fact inherited by the most famous Football Club in the world, Real Madrid. Others drawn from a specific player or a specific time in their history. The most interesting part about the collection, however, was how easily accessible it was. Despite the huge history and meaning behind the pieces, they were ultimately cool, fashionable and essentials that any Modern Gentleman would dream of having in his wardrobe. In a fashion world where we are surrounded by trends and gimmicks, it was really great to see a Brand nail Style and Substance. It’s a difficult thing to achieve, even top designers are struggling by getting too bogged down in the ‘fashion’ piece.

These guys are definitely ones to watch out for and please feel free to request any further information from us or Corinthian  directly.



A proper man about town, you can usually catch Jack in London engaging with all things sartorial. He has most recently been requested to oversee the Ralph Lauren collection in Selfridges where he will be bringing his style and tailoring knowledge to their diverse clientele.

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