17 Jan 2017

Be a Leader, Not a Follower!

For years, I have battled with a demon that made me think I wasn’t good enough. I used to want to be other people; whether it be a celebrity such as David Beckham or your average Joe walking down the street in a fresh pair of kicks. This demon used to tell me I wasn’t cool enough, that I had to be a follower or a sheep, so I therefore attached myself to anything that was deemed ‘cool’ in society as a comfort blanket. It was tough. There were times where I felt I had no identity, that I was one of a number and that it was always going to be like this.
This doesn’t have to be the case.. The realisation had only come and found me fairly recently but its like bright sunshine on a cloudy day. A fundamental flaw often found in the male community is that we do not appreciate ourselves for being who we are. The world is hugely judgmental and crazed by following, that there is now a distinct lack of leaders out there. Be a leader. Dress how you want to dress. Act how you want to act. Talk how you want to talk. It’s OK not to be like anyone; in fact its more than OK, it’s excellent! As a male society that is being dealt huge blows by the rising figure of suicide in our community, it is time to lead from the front and talk about our issues. A campaign that skyrocketed recently was ‘itsOKtoTALK’, which provided useful insight into the effect social media can have across the world as this Hashtag caught on globally. Milk for Tea will be launching its first Campaign called #perfectlyhuMEN very soon. Please be a Leader and add your input into this movement to help combat Mental Illness.


A proper man about town, you can usually catch Jack in London engaging with all things sartorial. He has most recently been requested to oversee the Ralph Lauren collection in Selfridges where he will be bringing his style and tailoring knowledge to their diverse clientele.

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