24 Jan 2017

Review : NMD OG

Adidas released the NMD ‘OG’ last week and it certainly lived up to expectation. After numerous NMD releases over the past year, and with the hype seemingly having died down, the OG is what we needed. ‘OG’ short for Original Gangster and for sure they are. Loosely based on the Original first ever NMD release, they come with an upgraded Primeknit upper and Adidas’ sock feature which makes the comfy sneaker, even comfier. The classic colour way is refreshing as we have been used to seeing camouflage, leopard print and all the bright colours from the rainbow on a Sneaker. Adidas has also been very clever. This colour way was highly sought after when first released and with the novelty of the NMD wearing down, what a perfect way to create ‘hype’ again. Hence a high re-sale values now appearing on the online market.
After always being a fan of NMD’s, its hard not to fall further in love with this silhouette and the ease faced when styling is the Romeo to Juliet in this love story. The style lends itself to relaxed tailoring as well as track pants and a hoody. In any outfit this NMD should be the key stakeholder when planning.


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